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Sustainable Commitment

Our Health & Safety commitment is to eliminate all injuries, occupational illnesses, unsafe practices and incidents of environmental harm from our activities...

Our Sustainability Commitment is about operating and developing our business in ways that are socially responsible, sustains a healthy environment, adds value to communities and our stakeholders and encourages economic growth now and into the future.

Our commitment to sustainability is aligned with our Core Values of Safety, People, Integrity and Innovation, and is incorporated into our daily activities and decision making processes. In accordance with our Business Principles, we conduct our business operations in an ethical and transparent way, respecting human rights and corporate governance.

Our Sustainability Commitment obliges us to engage with our stakeholders, to be accountable to our shareholders and to disclose publicly if we are achieving our targets and keeping our promises. Therefore, Ryder has ultimate responsibility for reviewing and implementing this policy and for monitoring the achievement of sustainability objectives through regular performance reviews and reporting.

At Ryder our commitment to sustainable development is focused around some key themes:

Our company is committed to protecting the environment that we share. We implement high environmental standards in order to ensure that our actions today...

Ryder is commited to positively contributing to local and national economic growth. It is our strong belief that...

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