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Human Resources

Organizations often have to contend with high attrition rates, a shrinking talent pool and the pressure to sustain employee engagement. Against such a backdrop, many organizations find it challenging to focus on making human resource management processes more cost-efficient.


HR Managers of leading organizations leverage Process Outsourcing as a sustainable and competitive strategy to manage costs and allow the company’s core resources to focus on strategic initiatives rather than managing transactional activities in HR operations.

We support start-ups, medium and large organizations in meeting their HR objectives through comprehensive BPM offerings for HR functions. Our end-to-end solutions, comprising HR analytics, enable clients to reduce cost of operations and streamline HR processes so that they can focus on strategic HR initiatives.


Our Recruitment Process Outsourcing (RPO) solutions source highly qualified full-time employees quickly, while minimizing operational complexity, cost and risk for a strategic advantage. Our expert team acts as an extension of our clients’ recruiting departments, offering a centralized model and a single provider for all their needs—from project-based support to comprehensive end-to-end solutions.


With experienced recruiters already operating in critical markets around the world, we deliver the global scalability and strategic advantage our clients need to succeed.

Our RPO services include: Sourcing of passive and active talent; Candidate screening and selection; Interview coordination; Communications management between hiring community and candidates; Extension of employment offers; Management of post-hire activity.


Employee onboarding, the orientation process of a new position, is a crucial element in both individual and organizational development and establishes a foundation for future success.

Ryder is commited to supporting organizations in onboarding new hire employees. Our service ensures that new hires feel welcome and prepared in their new positions, in turn giving them the confidence and resources to make an impact within the organization.


Our Coaches will assist new hires in understanding their responsibilities, orienting them in their new position and familiarizing them with the company culture, there's a lot to cover and the process is often overwhelming. 

Expatriate Onboarding & Relocation Management 

Ryder provides Relocation Management Advisors to simplify and guide you and your expatriate staff through the relocation process. Our suite of services include:

Migration Assistance                 

  • Documentation Requirements

  • Work Permit Application

  • Visa Application

  • Bank Account Creation

  • Money Transfers

  • Insurance

  • Travel Arrangements

  • Cultural Orientation

Reconnasaince Tours

  • Country Tours

  • School Visits

  • Medical Instituition Visits

  • Shopping Areas

  • Safety & Security Risk Assessment

Mobility & Property Services         

  • Sourcing of Homes & Vehicles

  • Inspection

  • Rent/Lease Negotiation of Homes & Vehicles

  • Home Furnishing & Appliance Sourcing

  • Rent/Lease Payments of Homes & Vehicles

  • Repairs & maintenance of Homes & Vehicles

  • Utility bill/Lease payments

  • Home Security 

Family Support Services         

  • Academic Qualification Equivalency

  • Academic Institute Screening

  • Academic Institute Application 

  • Daycare & Aftercare support Service

  • Domestic/Household Support

  • Charitable & Volunteer Organization Facilitation

  • Spouse Employment Assistance

  • Personal Security Detail

  • Driver

Employee Benefits Administration

In today's competitive business environment RCO assists companies to find better, more efficient ways to manage their significant employee benefits investment. 

Ryder delivers benefits administration outsourcing solutions to your organization through our client-focused benefit teams, proprietary benefits administration software and dedicated onshore benefits call center. Our consultants understand benefits administration, understand your organization’s plans quickly, and supply the type and level of service you need to provide timely and accurate administration to your participants.

Benefits Processing

  • Medical Insurance Claims

  • Vehicle Fuel Tracking & Processing

  • Vehicle Maintenance Tracking & Processing

  • Education Assistance Processing 

  • Per Diem Payment & Processing

Employee Assistance Program     

  • Counselling

  • Health & Wellness Programs

  • Family Life Education

  • Work-Life Education

  • Critical Incident Stress Debriefing

HR Consultancy Services         

  • Disciplinary Case Management

  • Restructuring Advisory Service

  • Redundancy Advisory Service


  • Payroll arranged according to the requirements of your business.

  • Completed and filed returns.

  • Notification of PAYE sums

  • Statutory pay calculations (e.g. for sick leave, maternity and paternity leave).

  • Filing of in-year events (such as generation for outgoing employees).

  • Filing of in-year and year-end summaries.

  • Resolution of employee queries and altering tax codes as required

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